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pwc s 2018 global economic crime and fraud survey pwc - pwc s 2018 global economic crime and fraud survey finds that 49 of global organisations say they ve experienced economic crime in the past two years but what about the other 51, the next phase of global economic crisis it is going to - 11 signs that we are entering the next phase of the global economic crisis by michael snyder well the nasdaq finally did it it has climbed all the way back to where it was at the peak of the dotcom bubble, crisis in venezuela wikipedia - a socioeconomic and political crisis has been taking place in venezuela since 2010 under the presidency of hugo ch vez and has continued into the current presidency of nicol s maduro the current situation is the worst economic crisis in venezuela s history and among the worst crises experienced in the americas with hyperinflation soaring hunger disease crime and death rates and massive, oecd org bribery and corruption - the oecd anti corruption division offers short term internships of 2 6 months for qualified students these internships provide students with the experience of working in an international organisation on anti corruption issues and more specifically the oecd anti bribery convention, un news global perspective human stories - soil is a treasure beneath our feet essential to human lives and well being a senior united nations official has highlighted warning however that this invaluable resource is under constant threat from the little understood phenomenon of soil pollution, why only one top banker went to jail for the financial - the money issue why only one top banker went to jail for the financial crisis, financial institutions and cybercrime threats challenges - recent high profile cases of financial institutions being targeted by cyber criminals such as the attack on the bangladesh central bank in february 2016 that resulted in a loss of 81 million illustrate the dangers posed by cybercrime to the international financial system, crisis in lebanon 2006 global issues - a look at the crisis ensuing in lebanon primarily between hezbollah and israel sparked off by the kidnapping of an israeli soldier, amazon com america for sale fighting the new world order - a resounding call to defend america s sovereignty and save our nation from global economic takeover from the 1 new york times bestselling author of the obama nation and the late great us between george h w bush s new world order and the unprecedented governmental growth and massive redistribution of wealth under president barack obama the united states risks losing the, clinton charity fraud biggest scandal in us history - by greg hunter s usawatchdog com early sunday release former cia officer and whistleblower kevin shipp says the reason for all the crime and treason at the fbi and doj all boils down to one thing the clinton so called charity, the war on drugs wasting billions and undermining economies - 3 the costs of the war on drugs to the economy 1 billions spent on drug law enforcement global spending on drug law enforcement in order to accurately assess the, jamaica u s agency for international development - since jamaica gained independence from the british in 1962 the country enjoyed significant development progress in its social economic and political history however over the years the country has been challenged by a persistent fiscal deficit and heavy indebtedness these challenges are also exacerbated by the current global economic crisis, 10 conflicts to watch in 2017 crisis group - from turkey to mexico the world s most volatile flashpoints will get a lot more unpredictable this year the world is entering its most dangerous chapter in decades the sharp uptick in war over recent years is outstripping our ability to cope with the consequences from the global refugee crisis, the un has a plan to restore international peace and - the potential for catastrophic outbreaks of violence between the us russia and china is more apparent now than at any time since the cold war came to an end proxy conflicts in syria and yemen russian aggression over ukraine and its neighbours and tensions in the south china sea are in some ways, nigeria and oil global issues - there is a symbiotic relationship between the military dictatorship and the multinational companies who grease the palms of those who rule they are assassins in foreign lands, fighting poverty through community development - the great recession forced families and communities to confront the worst economic collapse most of us had seen in our lifetimes when president obama took office the economy was shedding 750 000 jobs per month and foreclosures were rising to record levels, the silver bear cafe economic war on the middle class - the silver bear cafe keeps its subscribers informed on issues that adversely affect the conservation of capital and strategies to preserve and increase ones financial security, the answers are out there foreign policy - think small to weather big storms by alice hill at two minutes to noon on sept 1 1923 the ground began to tremble in tokyo and nearby yokohama, financial tyranny defeating the greatest cover up of all - final version 2 9 a 122 nation alliance is backing a lawsuit that could free the earth from financial tyranny this investigation reveals who the perpetrators are and what we can do to solve the problem